LuckyGenie Whitepaper
What is Lucky Genie?
The Genie that inspired from the movie Aladdin and the Wonderful lamp!


Lucky Genie is a god who can grant all wishes to users of the BSC network! Swipe your magic lantern every day to get instant rewards.
Lucky Genie is a cryptocurrency with "NEW TREND" created by a dedicated and knowledgeable developer team of the crypto market, a redemption game open to all token holders; everyone can use tokens to fulfill their wishes and get valuable gifts every day!

Our vision

Lucky Genie was inspired by the Genie of the movie Aladdin and the Wonderful lamp, the Genie gives everyone wishes, and the project will be a new trend for 2022. In the sense of the word ''lucky'', all player's tokens can be the lucky ones to receive many attractive rewards from the project. Immediately after listing, the team will launch mini-game apps to help optimize profits earning for holders. The project will have an anti-dumping mechanism to help successful listing and ensure fairness for all investors.
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Our vision