LuckyGenie Whitepaper
Game modes
Variety of game modes, variety of rewards!

The best game mode for earning. Players can earn significant rewards by buying ticket and simply spinning the board. There are 7 gifts occur in the board, including BNB, USDT, and LGENIE tokens for each category. Where ever the arrow stopped, players will receive the reward accordingly. Hope you are lucky enough to get the BNB!

For each time players buy a ticket for spinning, 5% of the ticket amount we collected will be sent to the Jackpot pool. At every weekend, we will open the Jackpot with a corresponding amount of every players' ticket bought. The luckiest player will get a chance to win the Jackpot by spinning and earn themselves a magnificent amount of money in return.

Players can use GENIE tokens to buy ball, then shoot the ball up-high. The ball will fall to different areas bellow, each area stands for each reward correspondingly. The ball is free-fall, so, try your luck!
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